Welcome to Oceanside Water Damage

Who are we?

Oceanside Water Damage has over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. In Oceanside Water Damage we make it our business to provide our clients with top notch services covering you A-Z needs. Since water damage restoration is our specialty we are proud to be equipped with the most high-tech equipment in the market and highly trained certified technicians. 
Why to choose Oceanside Water Damage?
Oceanside Water Damage have been serving the LLL area offering great services and affordable prices.
Oceanside Water Damage offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services:
- Emergency water extraction
- Emergency drying services and humidity control
- Emergency leak detection and water shut off
- Emergency mold detection and sanitation
- Packing and securing all personal belongings away from the damaged area
- Emergency plumbing services
What to do when there is a water damage in your home –

1. First and most important is to shut off the water.
2. Circulate the air in the room.
3. Try to locate the source of the leak – do not waste a lot of time on looking for it, if you aren’t able to locate it hurry and call a professional to come over and assist you before the leak will cause further damage to your home.
4. Now when you were able to stop the water it is time to call a water damage restoration company (800)418-6916.

DO it yourself – Yes or No?!
Many people want to save money by doing the extraction and restorations themselves, in this hard times  when most people are struggling to meet ends meet- saving is a necessity. However it is important to keep in mind that insurance companies require a certified professional to do the emergency water extraction, moist and mold testing and restoration. If you have HOI doing it yourself might help you save a few bucks but you will not be able to collect your insurance refund.
Oceanside Water Damage has been in the water damage restoration field for so many years we have extensive hands on experience working with the insurance companies, filing the claims and all the proper documents as well we have an in-house adjuster that will be on top of your claim until it is resolved.
Besides the fact that doing it yourself will prevent you from collecting the funds from the insurance companies, the biggest problem derives from the fact that unexperienced people will not be able to assess the damages properly and will not be able to prevent mold build-up and eliminate moisture.